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New (Sponsored) Mass Effect 3 - Switch 810 Build in Progress !

   Brand new build in Progress right now and this is a BIG one! I have been given the opportunity to Build a Custom NZXT Swith 810 that is being Sponsored by some very big Companies!

 The Theme of this Build will be set to Shepard's Armor and other Mass Effect things that you will have to wait to see.

  To see the Complete Mass Effect 3 Build Log   Click here!

 Sponsors of the Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build are :




Tyler Industries

Mayhem's Coolants


 Newest Custom Build "Venom" (Winner of Mod of the Month Jan 2012) 

 Well i have been at it again and as you can see still have NZXT in my Blood! Here is my Latest Build called "Venom".                                                        

The Complete build Log can be seen here: Click here to see Venom's Full Build Log.

  Venom is a 5 GHz Beast (Has run benchmarks @ 5.3 GHz) sporting a EK Liquid Cooled HD6970, 4 Gig of Dual Channel DDR3 Corsair Dominator GT's running at a whopping 2136 MHz with timings of 1T.This is all running on AsRock's Flagship Z68 Motherboard the Fatal1ty Z68 Pro Gen 3 and Powering the beast is 1050 Watts of a Cougar GX1050 Power Supply.

 Venom is a Modded and Customized NZXT Phantom (Incredible Case and Incredible Company)

Link to NZXT Website : Click here to see NZXT's Incredible Products!

 Here is NZXT's Facebook Site. Click here and check out NZXT's Facebook Page.There's tons of great stuff and a great community

 Also Venom can be seen on other great Sites Like:

Modders Inc.


and many more!


Requiem Revamp Coming soon! Huge  Changes (Dedicated to you Bro!) See Requiem Revamp Page for all Details!

Updated 5/19/2011 Red October Sold for $2000. And new 5ghz! Sandy Bridge Project Started Called "Requiem" (In loving memory of my brother Bobby).

Dedicated to you Bro.I miss you.R.I.P.

New page added for my new Pc build !! Link is above !

New Pc Build Coming soon Liquid Cooled ,6 Core ,SSD.,Direct x11,DDR3. MONSTER!!!   Keep Watching for it!! ** She now has a name "Red October"**

Storm Trooped PC  "SOLD" She will be missed and was a sweet Rig.

  Hi and welcome to my new website.I will be posting all my new and some past projects that i worked on or am working on at the moment.There should always be something new to check out because my brain cant slow down and i am an insomniac! Anyway heres the new site,keep coming back to visit to see whats new!





For those that dont know what Hackintosh is, It is a PC running Mac OSX wich obviously you cant just install the mac operating system on  regular pc. or can you :) CLICK HERE TO GOTO THE HACKINTOSH PAGE!

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News Flash !

 Today i came across and add for an awesome modding tool called a ZipTool on craigslist.I ran up and picked it up and met another Modder.He was an awesome guy and was doing custom work to a Harley when i was there.Great guy ! And buy the looks of what he was working on great Modder also! Anyway to make a long story short i got to meet a really talented Modder and he gave me a SUPER deal on a ZipTool. So now i can take my projects to the next level.Here is a photo of a ziptool for those that never seen one.