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Quad Core HTPC Build starting tomorrow!

 Ok lets get started. Here's what i decided on for the build!


 Quad Core Athon II x4 3.0 Ghz.

 4 Gigs Ocz DDR3 1600

 Foxconn Cinema II Deluxe Motherboard w/remote 

 Radeon HD4250 onboard Graphics HDMI.

 Ocz 700 watt Modular Power Supply

 10,000 rpm 150 gig Velociraptor as main Hdd

 2 TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 7200 Hdd for storage.

 LG Blu Ray Burner !

 Apieva HTPC Case.

 Windows 7 Ultimate.


 A bit Overkill for an Htpc ! but thats the way i like it!






Hate to add these pictures but its all i got so far.( Customer is gonna send me some great pictures of it and i will post.The Thing came out incredible and the wire management was awesome also.Stay tuned for more Photos!)