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Why choose Mybad's Repair Services?

 Some people are probably thinking why choose Mybad to build you a PC when you could just go to Walmart ,Bestbuy ect. and buy one already build.Well the answer is simple.I build using all high end parts and take alot of pride in my work.When i am done you own a Custom Pc that nobody else has.I don't just slap a computer together and call it done,I make sure all memory timings ect. are running the right voltages ect.I fine tune the PC's to run at there best.

 Other reasons for choosing me over some regualr shop is any pc you buy from a store will have maby a good processer to get your attention then they fill the rest of the pc with generic crap.

 I have never had a customer leave not excited and loving there repairs or brand new Custom Pc.and i support all my customers fully after the repairs or build.

 Another reason to choose me is like i said before I Love building Custom Pc's! It is my Passion. I live it, breathe it ,Love it.

 Anyway thats why it is better to contact me.

 Contact Dave at 978-325-2962 or 978-325-3221

By email for an appointment.


 Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts, 01930


What Repairs and Builds do i do?

Here is a little list of what i can do for you:

 All prices depend on what you want your PC to do and what budget you have for it.

Slow PC: I can remove Viruses,Wipe hard drive and do clean install,Do some of the many tricks i know to speed up a PC.upgrade some components and much more i can do in this area.

Upgrades:I do Hard drives, CPU,Dvd Burners,Memory upgrades,Video Cards,Power Supplies,Wifi,More ports,Card readers this list goes on and on.

Custom Pc Builds: This can be done many ways so i will make some sections for this subject.

Hard Core Pc Builds: This type of build is not cheap. This is where i get you the newest and fastest components avalible. I completly Moddify the case and wire management.These Computers will be all set up to overclock to oblivian and beyond and are recommended for people with overclocking experience.These builds are also cooled By liquid Glycol and many fans and have extremly fast components.and are also pretty high maintenance. But they shred anything around.

Gaming Pc: This kind of build can vary depending on the customer and what they want to do with it.They can come with a mild to powerful video card at least a quad core processor at least 4 gig of memory.Price range on these builds can vary alot from what you want.Its kinda like that burger king commercial. "Have it your way"

Htpc: (Home Theater PC) These builds are great for the times we live in now.This is a PC the you hook to your tv and it handles all your home entertainment needs.Sit on your couch and go on Facebook,Watch Movies,Play music or just search the web.These setups people usually run Hulu Desktop and Netflix for an amazing experience.Htpc's also don't look like computers they look like a big vcr ,dvd player sorta thing.I can build these rather inexpensive or can go high end ,but like i said before i do whatever is wanted.

Regular websurfer: These Pc's i can build really cheap.They are great for the average person the searches the web watches some videos.goes on Facebook ect. The good thing is i alsways start with a good motherboard so these pc's can be upgraded if you decide to build it into a higher en Pc later.

Upgrade exsisting rig: This is a great choose for people who have a Pc but it just doesnt cut there needs any more.In this type of build we try and salvage all the parts you already own and make a fast computer without buying as many parts.This can be surprisingly inexpensive.

 Conclusion: Trust me any build i do for you will be a great pc and better then anything you buy at a store! (Example:you go to best buy and spen 500. on your so called cool new Pc inside will be the cheapest slowest most generic parts they sell.Thats how they make money. Mass Production.- Ok now for the same 500. you could build a really fast,nice,non generic pc with way higher specs. Its really a no brainer honestly.) and the best part is nevermind customer support.If you have any questions or problems when you are my customer i talk to you,i walk you through it.


Used Computers

From time to time i have used computers for sale or can usually whip one up pretty fast from the parts i have.


Mybad's Workshop.

 If you are in the need of professional computer repairs done by a known Pc modder then you came to the right place.Repairing computers and building complete custom rigs is my passion and started as a hobby so my prices are inexpensive and honest. I refuse to use any generic parts in anything i build or fix.If you are interested in any of my services just see section below on how to contact me.

Types of Builds