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    Requiem my new 5ghz 4 core Sandy Bridge Project (Dedicated to my brother Bobby that passed recently)

  Well new Technology was just released "Intel's new Sandy Bridge and of course i jumped right in.While in the middle of the build i lost my brother named Bobby so i named this build Requiem (defenition=a symphony for the deceased.Name was inspired from Mozart as he was creating his greatest masterpiece as he lay dieing called Requiem)


 Processor: Intel 3.3 ghz i5 2500k Sandy Bridge running @ 5ghz!

Motherboard: AsRock Fatal1ty Pro p67 1155 Socket .

Memory: 4 Gigs Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 2133mhz running @ 1869mhz 1T.

Video Cards: 2 Radeon 6970's running in Crossfire @ 950/1400 1.2volts !!

Power Supply: Cougar SX850 Modular.

Case: Moddified Antec Dark Fleet 85.

Cooling: Cpu= Corsair H70 Push/Pull setup. Memory=Corsair Airflow. Case Cooling=7 fans.

Hard Drives; Main=60gig OCZ Vertex II Solid State. Storage= 1 2tb WD Black 7200rpm & 1 1tb Hitachi 7200rpm.

Multimedia Station: Antec Veris Premium w/remote and media software.

Drives: Asus Dual Layer dvd/cd writer with LightScribe.

Other: Some Red LED strips,some wire loom.And many mods by me.

 Some Photos of Requiem in all her Glory! (Camera Sucks Sorry)