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Here is my new Storm Trooped Pc.

  This PC was built by me from scratch of course.Everything is Overclocked! It is rock solid stable and prime tested for over 12 hours @ 3.71 Ghz.I have had it to 3.9 so far but obviously not prime stable.

                                                   3dmark 06 Score 19,000


  More on my Build can be found here at  CLICK HERE !!



  Cpu: Amd Phenom II 940 Black Edition Running @ 3.71 Ghz   (Stock 3.0 Ghz)

  Motherboard:  Asus M3n-Ht Deluxe 3 way Sli ready

  Memory: Ocz Gold DDR2 800 running @ 1100 Mhz !!  timings @

  Video Cards: 2 Gigabyte Superclocked GTX260'S HDMI runing in Sli @ 680/1500/2500

  Hard Drive: Currently Samsung 500 gig f3 drive but SSD DRIVE COMING FOR MY BIRTHDAY WHEN BUDGET IS UP!

  Power Supply: Corsair THX750 Sli rdy (actually tested good for 900 watts!!)

  Case: Antec 900 Fully Modded by me.

  Cpu Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H50 Liquid Cooling System

  Memory Cooling: Asus Mempipe also Asus chipset Cooler.

  Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

  Other stuff: Asus DL cd/dvd burner ,Coolmaster Fan Controler and 3 Coolmaster Blue led 120mm fans ,a couple led light rails.Muli card reader.


Here it is so far.


                               Before       and       After