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Xbox Modding begins !


  Well i got my hands on an Xbox 360 wich had the ring of death disease and had no audio or video.And if you know me it was apart in pieces in the first 10 minutes i had it.

   First thing i had to do was to get it to work.But this was the first time i ever had an xbox or ever seen one up close.Well anyway i tore it apart and away i went.I basically fixed all Microsofts Fuck ups in the machine.I noticed the clamps they used to hold the heatsinks onto the cpu and gpu sucked.they were actually tearing the cpu away from the motherboard.So to make a long story short i threw the clamps away replaced them with a different setup (bolts and nylon washers) and then overheated the machine to remelt cpu solder and WOLA it works!!

Fixed Xbox360 now what?

   Ok now the Xbox was fixed and back together. but not for long!! You know me it had to be better.I cant handle owning something stock and the same as everyone elses so needless to say it was back apart again before the day was even out. I started studying about Firmware mods and hacks and quickly realized it was the Drive itself i was gonna attack. The information on the web on this subject is so confusing all the tutorials are either wrong or only partly correct.Well i started tearing my hair out after day 2 of this nonsence and just started dumping and flashing firmware. I first ended up Flashing the drive with ixtreme 1.4 using Firmware toolbox,Slax 2.1 and 79 unlock only to find out later in the day it wouldnt play newer games.It would only play up to 2nd wave burned games. So guess what? Thats right time to tear the xbox360 apart again and after some more research i found i could flash my drive to ixtreme 1.51 (which plays almost all new burned  games) So i got the slax 2.1 disk back out and used Jungle Flasher this time to flash my drive to 1.51.I still needed to use Slax 2.1 and the 79 unlock cd to be able to flash the drive.

 Anyway the Xbox 360 not only just works now but it also plays all original games and all burned games.

 For anyone that plays Xbox 360 online using windows live i would not reflash your firmware.Your online account i would guess could be banned at anytime.There are ways to stealth the games and other ways of hiding it but the risk is very high of getting banned.For me the firmware flash made sence because i dont use xbox live.

 Anyway thats where i am so far with this new toy I am sure there are many more mods coming to this toy so stay tuned!!

Cracked,Hacked Wacked whatever you want to call it.I just Flashed  The new Xbox 360 with the Lite on 83850c Drive !

 WOW ! Talk about one hell of a night. My buddy came over with a brand new Xbox 360 so what did i do> Tore it apart of course. When i got it open i seen it had the new Lite on Drive and almost fainted.But anyway forward we went . This thing was gonna play backed up games whether it wanted to or not! Anyway we started trying different Dumping and Flashing tools and a couple different Firmware versions, and after locking the pc i use for firmware hacks up a million times and alot or trial and error we finaly got it. IT NOW PLAYS ALL WAVE XBOX360 BACKUPS AND ALL ORIGINAL GAMES !!!. another words " I KICKED ITS ASS !!"

  I ended up using JungleFlasher 1.73 and ixtreme LT 1.1. No soldering and No Mod chip !

 will add Photos shortly.


 Starting the Case Mods

 I am just starting to Mod the case now and have no idea where it will go but i will add Photos as i go.

                    New window i made out of a cheap piece of Puxi Glass !


     Cut a hole so can see the disc spinning !                          Drive installed and looking good so far !

     also a little paint (did'nt like the stock gray)

Cooling Mod's soon to come (Keep watching)

 If you own or ever owned an Xbox360 you know they get very hot so i am going to be doing some cooling mods to cool it down soon.Just waiting on a little cash flow and will continue!